is a holistic wellness center whose purpose is to empower individuals in the transformation of their body, mind, and spirit through a variety of consciousness-based techniques designed to bring the body into balance. Whether you choose a nutritional consultation, Yoga or Meditation class or a Pilates session we believe the body has all the tools necessary to come into balance. The Holistic perspective is essential to healing.

For example, in Holistic nutrition, when diet alone is addressed it compartmentalizes our wholeness, limiting it’s’ effects. Our bodies’ imbalances can be linked to not only our diet but many other factors including our lifestyle, belief systems and our emotions. When we expand our view to include our whole being we discover both wisdom and important information to guide us to wholeness.

As well, in a bodywork session, wisdom and insight can be gained by being witness to the way our bodies express themselves when exploring the “edge” that place within our bodies where tension is held. Going past that place of tension would be too much, but pulling back would dilute the potential for transformation. In a session, we will support you in finding that place of balance. Another name for this process of self-exploration is called “Yoga Off the Mat,” meaning that what shows up on the yoga mat often mirrors patterns in our daily lives. Those insights gained through the wisdom of the body, empower us to transform and grow.

The insights, wisdom and important information gained are linked with the necessary tools for wellness. These tools include a whole food diet, whole food supplements, elimination of toxins, hydration, and rest balanced with exercise and movement. All of these are implemented in practical and easily integrated steps. We believe that the body mirrors our inner beliefs of who we are and the act of bringing those beliefs to consciousness is the seed of our personal transformation.

To help facilitate these processes,  offers an integrative wellness program which includes Holistic Nutrition in both individual and group such as private and family consultations, Slimming Clubs, and Business lunch ‘n’ learn workshops. In addition, we offer personal training and classes in Power Pilates, Kripalu Yoga, Meditation and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy both in the studio and on site.

To reach us, please contact:
Holly J. Niles, B.Sc., R.N.C.P., R.H.N., RYT
Director, Hollyoga Healthworks
call (561) 339-1809 or email