Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is rooted in the idea that our bodies are our own best teacher. Often, unresolved emotional issues that are stored in the body/mind can be hidden from our conscious awareness. In a session, both physical and emotional tensions are released through supported yoga postures. While in these supported postures, we explore what is called the “Edge.” The Edge is that place within our bodies where a tension is held … going past that place of tension would be too much, but pulling back would dilute the potential for transformation. Using verbal dialogue techniques, I will be your guide as you connect with your edge and explore its relationship to your life patterns. This process will stimulate conscious awareness and insight, which in turn, will allow you to release unresolved life experiences. The sessions, which last about an hour and a half, invite you to create intentions and action steps for your daily life, based on those discoveries made during your session.